Animal Farm by George Orwell


Book: Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Publication: 17th August 1945

Genre: Classic / Dystopia

Pages: 100 pages

Thoughts: This was a quick fun read with a LOT of depth. Now I say quick and fun but it does not deter from the fact that it was so spot on its almost scary.
What is amazing is that the situations and problems that were in the book still prevail in the real world, after all these years. And we turn a complete blind eye to all that. Or most of it anyway.
Hey if it ain’t happenin’ to us; it ain’t happenin’.
The political aspects were astoundingly perfect, especially in a world where the world is in the hands on a rather unsettling pig of a man. Ironic much?
It was difficult to separate the animals from thinking about them as humans with all the emotions and the brainwashing and the tyranny and the anarchy. But are the humans in today’s world really humane? Do they sense the emotions and the depth of the actions that result in severe consequences that change the way we look at things?
The story was very fast paced and easy to get into. The fable aspect of it was just a bonus. It helped in keeping the tone of the book light, despite the ugly subject it talked about.
George Orwell’s writing is something I really need to get into again. His words invoke a sense of truth that we hide from in our lives. We ignore it and don’t want to think about certain things which need to be exposed. I’ve been told that 1984 would be an excellent read after what has happened. While it doesn’t affect me personally, I feel equally attacked, as do most of the world.
The turmoil inside us is depicted excellently in the book through the animals.
Thoroughly enjoyed the novel. Keep returning to it, reminiscing about the way everything got screwed up one after the other gradually and associating it to real life. Hell is about to break loose.

Quotes: “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”

“Man serves the interests of no creature except himself.”

Rating: 5


Wild Night Road by Kara Legend

Wild Night Road.

Kara Legend.

Darcy and Daire Publishing.
28th July ’14.

Kobo ARC.

Why I picked it up:
Got it off from Net Galley. The author sent the book for an honest review. Since I was yearning fro a little werewolf story, I played the silent spectator.

Welcome to the world of the Kinraven where angels rule, werewolves hunt, and witches fight to survive.
Bartender and witch Lilith Darke knows she took a risk when
she tampered with the mark a werewolf placed on an unsuspecting woman. No one should have noticed what Lilith did, let alone get hurt. But the werewolf involved isn’t just any beast, and the woman he marked hides secrets of her own.
While Lilith struggles to make things right, a new danger
emerges from the abyss between the worlds. An ancient evil known as the Fehin that threatens magickal Kinraven
and ordinary humans alike.
Stopping the mysterious and deadly Fehin will take all of Lilith’s strength. Worse, she’ll have to
cooperate with the shifters she distrusts. If the werewolves don’t kill her,
succumbing to the sexy distraction of Remy Lemarchal just might.
No one ever said being a witch would be easy.

I was quite intrigued with the synopsis. When O received the ARC I was oh so happy. Although the book was okay, there were more bad points than good ones to consider and so that affected my rating.
The protagonist was pretty badass but the other characters were not given as much attention as should have been given.
There were a few flaws and grammatical errors here and there.
I did like the cover.
Just wanted more on the Kinraven.
The end was a bit more interesting.
Also, there were things which didn’t make sense.