Animal Farm by George Orwell


Book: Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Publication: 17th August 1945

Genre: Classic / Dystopia

Pages: 100 pages

Thoughts: This was a quick fun read with a LOT of depth. Now I say quick and fun but it does not deter from the fact that it was so spot on its almost scary.
What is amazing is that the situations and problems that were in the book still prevail in the real world, after all these years. And we turn a complete blind eye to all that. Or most of it anyway.
Hey if it ain’t happenin’ to us; it ain’t happenin’.
The political aspects were astoundingly perfect, especially in a world where the world is in the hands on a rather unsettling pig of a man. Ironic much?
It was difficult to separate the animals from thinking about them as humans with all the emotions and the brainwashing and the tyranny and the anarchy. But are the humans in today’s world really humane? Do they sense the emotions and the depth of the actions that result in severe consequences that change the way we look at things?
The story was very fast paced and easy to get into. The fable aspect of it was just a bonus. It helped in keeping the tone of the book light, despite the ugly subject it talked about.
George Orwell’s writing is something I really need to get into again. His words invoke a sense of truth that we hide from in our lives. We ignore it and don’t want to think about certain things which need to be exposed. I’ve been told that 1984 would be an excellent read after what has happened. While it doesn’t affect me personally, I feel equally attacked, as do most of the world.
The turmoil inside us is depicted excellently in the book through the animals.
Thoroughly enjoyed the novel. Keep returning to it, reminiscing about the way everything got screwed up one after the other gradually and associating it to real life. Hell is about to break loose.

Quotes: “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”

“Man serves the interests of no creature except himself.”

Rating: 5


Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead


 *Since its a series review, the format is different, sorry*


I love how this series progresses after each book. It’s really addictive and I couldn’t stop reading it, I took it everywhere I went and whatever I did ended up being aside as I grabbed the book again.

Rose and Lisa are like an epitome of friendship and bonding. They’ve been best friends since forever so I guess it’s hardly any surprise as they stick around each other till the end.

Rose Hathaway is such a badass character that I literally could not even try to be unimpressed. She is very mature and understands what others her age wouldn’t begin to comprehend. Her relation with Lisa and her complex relation with Dimitri and then Adrian is so fascinating to read about.

Her travels make me yearn for some adventure time myself. Those beautiful places keep calling out to me.

At first I didn’t like Lisa that much, she just seemed superficial put against Rose, but then she did manage to slither her way in my good books. Her relation with Christian is something I like the most about her.

These books are based on teens in school, so obviously they’re going to make huge mistakes. Some people find it annoying, but personally I feel it gives a sort of reality check to the otherwise totally fantasy world.

I absolutely adore both Adrian and Dimitri, but obviously I ship Rose and Dimitri. I can rant about the love triangle but then I won’t stop giving out spoilers.

There were just the perfect number of cliff hangers to set me off the edge and make me scream “What the f”, so that was something I loved.

I flew past the whole series so quickly I don’t even remember what happened in which book, like the details clearly. So I can’t tell you guys my favorite book/part of the book, etc. It’s really fast paced and that’s one of the reasons people like it so much, they don’t get bored!

If you like stories which include vampires or boarding schools or bad-ass female characters, this series is for you.

I could not help but notice that the Vampire Academy series is so familiar to the House of Night Series, which I may just like more. Maybe, I don’t know for sure.

If you’ve read this series, what do you think? Too predictable? I can’t say because I went in after being a victim of many spoilers thanks to goodreads and book-tube.

Is that why I didn’t enjoy it as much as House of Night? Dayum.

I gave this series a total of  4