Bout Of Books 13.0 Wrap-Up

Hey guys! Its finally over! I read a ton of books! Here they are. 🙂

P.S – I’ll post the covers of the books I completed on the day in each update so that you know which ones I completed each day.

Day. 1


Books started: 3 ( Life Before Legend, The Darkest Part Of The Forest, The Lover’s Dictionary )

Books completed: 2 ( Life Before Legend, The Darkest Part Of The Forest )

Pages Read: 370 pages

Total Books read so far: 2

Total Pages so far: 370

Thoughts: I didn’t like Life Before Legend that much, I have a review up on goodreads, so check that out. The darkest part of the forest was a good stand-alone fantasy novel. Review on goodreads, but I’ll be posting a full review on the blog soon.

Day. 2


Books started: 1 ( The Fill-In Boyfriend )

Books completed: 2 ( The Lover’s Dictionary, The Fill-In Boyfriend )

Pages Read: 565 pages

Total Books read so far: 4

Total Pages so far: 935

Thoughts: I didn’t enjoy The Lover’s Dictionary that much, but I really liked The Fill-In Boyfriend. You can check the review here.

Day. 3

Books started: 1 ( Snow Like Ashes )

Books completed: 1 ( Snow Like Ashes )

Pages Read: 430 pages

Total Books read so far: 5

Total Pages so far: 1365

Thoughts: I loved this one! I cannot wait for book 2! The review will be up very soon. 😀

Day. 4

Books started: 1 ( Rebel Belle )

Books completed: 0

Pages Read: 200 pages

Total Books read so far: 5

Total Pages so far: 1565

Thoughts:  I really wanted to complete it that day but I was busy. 

Day. 5


Books started: 1 ( Miss Mayhem )

Books completed: 2 ( Rebel Belle, Miss Mayhem )

Pages Read: 440 pages

Total Books read so far: 7

Total Pages so far: 2005

Thoughts:  I really like how this series is going. I really want to know what happens in the last book!

Day. 6 and Day. 7

Books started: 1 ( Harry Potter and The Order Of Phoenix )

Books completed: 1 ( Harry Potter and The Order Of Phoenix )

Pages Read: 765 pages

Total Books read so far: 8

Total Pages so far: 2770

Thoughts:  It was a re-read and it took me a lot of time to get through since its quite a chunky book. I was supposed to read Alien Love, but instead of that I read this one. Apart from that I read all the books I mentioned I would in my participating post. YAYYYY!

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