Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I realized I hadn’t written a review in a while because of exams, so here goes. 🙂


Yes Please


Amy Poehler




HarperAudio, 28th October 2014

Stand Alone/Series:

Stand Alone


Non-Fiction / Memoir


329 pages (book version)

Summary: (From Goodreads)

In Amy Poehler’s highly anticipated first book, Yes Please, she offers up a big juicy stew of personal stories, funny bits on sex and love and friendship and parenthood and real life advice (some useful, some not so much), like when to be funny and when to be serious. Powered by Amy’s charming and hilarious, biting yet wise voice, Yes Please is a book is full of words to live by.


This was such a great book!
Amy Poehler is a great person, amazing mom, dedicated comedian and just the best!
I loved reading about her journey from being a kid growing up in town, to being the amazing person she is right now.
She spoke about how difficult it is to write a book, but she has written an amazing work herself.
She showed the amount of dedication she had, the drive to be the best, to make people happy, to make them laugh.
The many phases of her life in which she handled and changed jobs, all the while being humble and down to earth, seems remarkable.

The way she accepted her mistakes, being a shitty person without knowing it, and then feeling bad about it. She really shows how down to earth she is, and that no matter how popular a person gets, there’s a thing called humanity which should exist in every person.
Also,when she talks about THIS –
George Clooney!


“I think we should stop asking people in their twenties what they “want to do” and start asking them what they don’t want to do.”

“Hopefully as you get older, you start to learn how to live with your demon. It’s hard at first. Some people give their demon so much room that there is no space in their head or bed for love. They feed their demon and it gets really strong and then it makes them stay in abusive relationships or starve their beautiful bodies. But sometimes, you get a little older and get a little bored of the demon. Through good therapy and friends and self-love you can practice treating the demon like a hacky, annoying cousin. Maybe a day even comes when you are getting dressed for a fancy event and it whispers, “You aren’t pretty,” and you go, “I know, I know, now let me find my earrings.” Sometimes you say, “Demon, I promise you I will let you remind me of my ugliness, but right now I am having hot sex so I will check in later.”

“However, if you do start crying in an argument and someone asks why, you can always say, “I’m just crying because of how wrong you are.”

“Telling me to relax or smile when I’m angry is like bringing a birthday cake into an ape sanctuary. You’re just asking to get your nose and genitals bitten off.”

“if you can dance and be free and not embarrassed you can rule the world.”

“Sticking up for ourselves in the same way we would one of our friends is a hard but satisfying thing to do. Sometimes it works.”

“Emotions are like passing storms, and you have to remind yourself that it won’t rain forever. You just have to sit down and watch it pour outside and then peek your head out when it looks dry.”

“A person’s tragedy does not make up their entire life. A story carves deep grooves into our brains each time we tell it. But we aren’t one story. We can change our stories.”

“Let me take a minute to say that I love bossy women. Some people hate the word, and I understand how “bossy” can seem like a shitty way to describe a woman with a determined point of view, but for me, a bossy woman is someone to search out and celebrate. A bossy woman is someone who cares and commits and is a natural leader. Also, even though I’m bossy, I like being told what to do by people who are smarter and more interesting than me.”

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