NaNo is a Go! Don’t back down now.

Wonderful advice

Vanessa MacLellan

NaNoWriMo is a GO!

This is my final blog post to commemorate the NaNoWriMo count down. I discussed my plans on writing novellas this year. Then introduced my Wielder World characters: Bethany, Reggie and August. And then, I spelled out the Wielder World and my magical system in a world building post. Now, it’s the pep talk.

Because, it’s almost time. Our awesome WriMo challenge begins this Saturday. It’s just around the corner. Creeping up on you on cat’s paws. And soon, it will pounce.

Is your day to day ready?

Do you have your work space set up? Do you know the writing program you intend to use? Do you have meal plans set, so you don’t have to ponder feeding yourself? Did you let your friends and family know that you might be a bit… distant all month? Did you warn your twitter that you might…

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