Ten Jobs a Book Lover Would Love To Do

Yes yes yes yes.

The Book Gypsy

Because we read so much, we are exposed to a lot of different worlds which play a significant role in shaping our thoughts and ideas. That makes us wish or desire to experience all the things the protagonist is doing in those books – eating smoked salmon, travelling on a yacht, shopping at NY’s high street, holidaying at a guesthouse of wood in the snow-covered hills of Switzerland, meeting the love of your life there; and the list goes on…

This makes us book lovers, by far, the most creative people with vivid imaginations, always coming up with strange and innovative ideas. This love for books and everything related, influences our career choices as well. We’d want to be something where we can read more and more and expand our horizon of imagination. Here are 10 such jobs we are best suited for:

1. Own a bookstore-cum-cafe
Yes, that is…

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