Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr


Ink Exchange.


Melissa Marr.


Harper Collins.

April 24, 2008.






Book #2 in the Wicked Lovely Series.

Why I picked it up:

I read the first book in the series and although it wasn’t as compelling and wonderful as I thought it would be, I knew I just HAD to complete the series before judging it harshly. Also, the cover was absolutely gorgeous.


Images cluttered the page, but one tattoo set her nerves on edge: inky-black eyes surrounded by wings like shadows coalescing.

Mine. The need was overpowering. Leslie looked up.

“This one”, she said. :I need this one.”

But the image was more than just tempting art, and it draws Leslie into a world of shadows and desire – into the world of Faerie.


The second book in the series follows a different protagonist, Leslie who was mentioned quite a lot in the first book as she’s the Summer Queen’s friend. With a troubled past and an equally disturbing family, Leslie was desperate to do something – anything which would help her get away from them. She decides to get a tattoo, unaware of the consequences that particular tattoo would bring in her life.

She stumbles unsuspecting into the world of the fey – faeries and creatures she would’ve never imagined in her life. As the novel progresses there are a few scenes where character development is portrayed beautifully. As Leslie fights back for her mortality and Niall understands where he truly belongs.

This novel dwells into the darker side of the fey and also revolves around Niall, who was a member of the Dark Court and who changed over to the Summer Court. His feelings towards Leslie grow almost irresistible and he struggles controlling his lust and shies away from the fact that he might just not belong in the Summer Court.

I do like it better than the first book, just like many others. I enjoyed devouring the facts and snippets of the Dark fey Marissa provided and was intrigued by the state of Niall. The ending was a bit unexpected and that was pretty amazing.


  • Leslie – A troubled teen looking for a change. I love her character. Melissa Marr showed her full of courage and strong. Strong enough to survive all the wrong people as well as faeries did to her. She starts her life afresh and does not let her ties with faeries come in the way to a shot at happiness.
  • Niall – I feel sorry for him. He’s the one character I related the most with. He loves someone he’s forbidden to be with. His choices and decisions affect a lot of people and he knows it. He’s smart, possessive, lethal and gentle at heart along with being reasonable. (only when it doesn’t concern Leslie) 
  • Irial – The Dark Court King strives to protect his fey from starving. He first takes Leslie in with the sole purpose of helping his fey survive, but he ends up loving her which he didn’t know was even possible. He only cares for two people in his life, both of whom decided to leave and this gives him a lot to think about and make some serious decisions.


“Sometimes love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter.”

“He was an answer to a question she’d forgotten to ask.”

“Going backwards is never an option.”

“And sometimes you meet someone who doesn’t see you differently if you tell them. That is everything.”

“What does it mean when nightmares dream of peace and when shadows wish for light?”



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