Growing Up Again by Catriona McCloud


Growing Up Again


Catriona McPherson a.k.a Catriona McCloud


The Orion Publishing House, 2007


Chick Lit.



Series / Stand-alone:



Large Paperback.

Point Of View:

1st Person P.O.V

Why did I pick it up:

I was at a book sale, looking for a funny chick-lit and it caught my eye. The summary and book-cover were enough for me to tuck it in my bag. Although there wasn’t much hype about it anywhere, I wanted to read it as it seemed interesting.


Janie Lawson’s life hasn’t turned out quite the way she’d hoped. Nearly 40, she’s in a marriage that has stalled with a mother-in-law she despises and a husband she doesn’t really love anymore. Before Janie can make the final step toward divorce, her fate is taken out of her hands. Janie wakes up in her old bedroom and finds it just as it was in her teens. She stumbles downstairs to the kitchen where her mother greets her, looking radiantly young. But it isn’t until Janie looks in the mirror, to be confronted by her 15 year old self, sporting the most diabolical 80s perm, that the reality of her situation sinks in. For a woman who scoffs at anything science can’t prove, being swept back decades in time is a particularly ironic twist. She’s gone back to 1981 and all the signs suggest that it’s a one-way trip. But there’s an upside—Janie has the chance to make her life turn out the way she wanted it. She’s determined to help her parents, make her fortune, and do some good in the world, starting with saving Lady Diana Spencer from her fate. But things don’t quite go to plan and pretty soon Janie realizes that even second time around, nothing is guaranteed.


 Catriona McPherson wrote the book under the pseudonym Catriona McCloud.

A chick-lit book with a back in time plot full of twists and turns. A hilariously juvenile book in which a grown-up woman, Janie Lawson – unhappy with her marriage wakes up one morning to her teens sporting a horrible 80s perm. The book unravels with the events in Janie’s life. She finds herself waiting for the party at which she would meet Ludo (her soon-to-be ex-husband) for the first time, and wishes that things would work out with them this time and that she wouldn’t fall out of love with him. But she soon finds out even second chances are not necessarily predictable and stable. She’s determined to make the most of this second chance provided to her.

A change in her career, a change in her love life as she finds a best friend only to find out she’s in love with him later on in the novel. The addiction they face related to gambling and also investing in shares was interesting to read about. She started enjoying the perks of being an adult in her teen’s life, living it all over again. She soon finds out there are more people like her and that the purpose of returning has something to do with making some huge changes in the world.

The book over-all was enjoyable and a fast read. There were a few places where I just skipped a few paragraphs because it was a bit boring and I was way too excited to read the unimportant details. But other than that, a good read.


  • Janie Lawson – The main character is a typical girl who seems to be smart and caring, with a mission to accomplish and sometimes pretty stupid. Although she was a likeable character, I didn’t really relate much with her. She did make the whole story more believable. She did think of Danny as a brother which made it gruesome since they ended up loving each other.
  • Danny Conway – Two words. He’s adorable. Keeping aside his addictions, his dysfunctional family and his feelings for Jamie, his actions and his entire character is way too cute. I adore him.
  • Ludo – Emotional and irritating at first, annoying and hateful in the end.



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